At we take great care to ensure that each and every saddle we receive undergoes a thorough inspection, before being listed as available for sale, to ensure that the saddle is not only structurally sound and functional, but also visually appealing. To this end, the technicians in our workshop do the following:

  •  The integrity of the tree in each and every saddle is tested to ensure that the tree is intact, and not producing noises;
  •  The billets are inspected for wear and structural soundness;
  •  The seat and flaps are assessed to ensure that there aren't any holes, or other visual or functional deficiencies. Holes, and excessive wear is repaired, while notes are made of all blemishes/scratches, and pointed out in the individual saddle listing;
  •  All metal parts (d-rings, stirrup bars and studs) are in good functional condition, secure, and clean.
  •  Clean and condition the leather.