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Customers use the word love a lot.

Thank you for all your help in finding this saddle and shipping it north! I'm enjoying the saddle too, [my trainer] rode my horse in it yesterday and she loves it also!
     Kristine H. -OR
2007 Antarès Dressage Saddle

BTW, still LOVE my saddle, thanks again.
     Alison B. -CA
Antarès Jump Saddle

Pretty much everybody in my barn has an Antares saddle...and I love it...I’m really glad I found it. The condition of the saddle was beyond my expectations and I will be keeping it.
   Kimberly K. -GA
Antarès Jump Saddle

The saddle for [client name] is a great fit.
   Denize B. -CA

Love saddle, what a difference, I am keeping it.
   John C. -CA
Antarès Jump Saddle

...It is fantastic and [that] I will be keeping it. It's so nice to have a saddle that keeps my leg in the perfect position. Thanks for your help.
Donnelly G. -CA
Antarès Jump Saddle

I love the saddle and will be keeping it...Thanks so much for your help. I know I will be enjoying this saddle for years to come:)
    Sheri T. -PA
Antarès Jump Saddle

Love it, love it, love it! It fit my mare surprisingly well.
    Katherine H. -OR
Antarès Jump Saddle

...thanks so much for all your help - your customer service is AWESOME!

    Colleen P. -WA

...The saddle is great! I fell in love as soon as I sat in it...The customer service I have received from FrenchUsedSaddles.com and Antares has been terrific.
    Amber L. -MD
2010 Spooner by
Antarès Jump Saddle