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Antarès Short Belly Guard Girths (40-70cm, Brown)

Part Number: 2343
Antarès Short Belly Guard Girths (40-70cm, Brown)
16" - 40cm
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Antarès short belly guard girth features double elastic ends and roller buckles for ease of tightening.  The middle carabiner clip is perfect for training accessories, martingales and breastplates.  These girths were used at horse shows as demos, they are new but may have a few light scratches from display and travel.

Please note the quantities currently available  -
16" (40cm) - exposed carabiner clip (1 available) 
20" (50cm) - covered carabiner clip (3 available) 
24" (60cm)  - covered carabiner clip (1available) 
28" (70cm) - covered carabiner clip (1 available) 

Oiled to a rich brown color, calfskin lined leather for your horse's comfort. 

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