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18" Antarès Comfort 2 #A18 2231 (deep seat, flap 2AA, buffalo)

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2018 Antares Comfort 2 jumping saddle in GOOD condition. Dark brown, French buffalo leather. This saddle was well used at it's prior home and shows more wear than expected for a saddle of it's age. The cantle has two small holes from a previous nameplate, as well as scratches and other blemishes. The skirts on the saddle also show some wear. This saddle was not kept as conditioned/oiled as it should have been, and the knee rolls do show some wrinkles. This has all been taken into consideration in pricing the saddle. All that being said, it is still in great shape and with proper care, has years and years of use left. 

18" deep seat with standard twist.

Flap 2AA measures 13.75" from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap. Flap width measures 15" across at it's widest point. 

Front and back blocks. 

Tree measures 5" dot to dot under the pommel. Wide tree. 

Panels are M15 T1, which are standard, which 10mm of padding added to the back of the panels. Panels also feature DTA50 option which more evenly distributes the riders weight. 

This saddle comes with a saddle cover. 

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